Take The Honey And Run


Sounds like another women’s prison picture, right? Wrong. One of the most potent gimmicks in the exploitation bag of tricks is tacking the word “Women” or “Girls” onto a title to make it sound like a skin flick. Although I’ll allow that there are a couple of honeys in it (Barbara Mills and Linda York) it’s really the story of Billy Harris (Robert Lott) who’s six months away from parole on a marijuana rap when he’s randomly selected for a chain gang. How’s that for a cosmic screwing? He’s chained to a murderer named Mike Weed (Michael Sterns). A pothead chained to a guy named weed…there’s a metaphor in there somewhere. Being a lifer with nothing to lose…and being the dominant type, Weed instigates an escape, dragging Harris along with him. We’ve got the In Cold Blood dynamic here, with the thoroughly depraved Weed leading decent but timid Harris into deeper and deeper trouble. This is a pretty obscure but well-made picture from director Lee Frost (The Defilers, Love Camp Seven, House On Bare Mountain, Mondo Bizarro). “The only thing he tried to rob was an 11-year-old boy…of his virginity!



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