Back In Black



I always try to watch movies with zero expectations but the title of this one alone had me psyched. And it’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek cheapie shot on Super 8 film, combining Kung Fu action and gory horror. Martial artist Jack Chase is murdered by ruthless Kung Fu cultist Spithrachne. Jack’s best friend uses Voodoo to resurrect him as a green-skinned, ass-kicking zombie that dresses like a member of Judas Priest. The zombie makeup is pretty cool, the Kung Fu choreography solid and the intentional humor works. I found myself laughing out loud a few times. Ninja Zombie is a good example of what filmmakers can accomplish with a couple of bucks and a lot of ingenuity…




Lit To Pop



What began as a caucasian remake of blaxploitation classic TNT Jackson evolved into a movie that not only stands on its own…but kicks ass and takes names. Jillian Kesner is Susie Carter, a Martial Arts sensei searching the Philippines for her missing sister, facing danger at every turn. Darby Hinton, who played the affable private eye Cody Abeline in Malibu Express gets to play the villain this time, as Chuck the dope-dealing pimp who also happens to be a Martial Arts expert. The rest of the movie is a game of cat-and-mouse, seduction and destruction…and the final battle between Susie and Chuck in a Martial Arts arena is epic. Jillian Kesner is so good in this flick that I’m really surprised that she didn’t become a major action star…