Blood Is Thicker


Imagine if you will that Friday The 13th had been directed by Hitchcock and you’ll have an inkling of what to expect from Twitch Of The Death Nerve (aka A Bay Of Blood, Carnage). Giallo maestro Mario Bava takes the old vulture-relatives-gathering-for-the-reading-of-the-will murder mystery formula and infuses it with an unprecedented ferocious brutality. This picture pretty much set the template for all the giallo and slasher films to follow. Some of the murders were lifted verbatim by the Friday The 13th films. It’s all here: the killer’s-p.o.v. camera, the gratuitous nudity, the false scares, arrogant, oblivious victims…lethal coitus interruptus.  Although it’s been imitated to the point that many of its innovations have become cliche, it doesn’t feel stale because Bava was such a master of orchestration…He knew how to play the audience like a fiddle. There are several genuine chair-jumper moments and enough twists to keep you reeling all the way up to its suckerpunch ending…