Too Much Junkie Business



Daisy (Jeremy Slate) Dum Dum (Willie Pastrano) and Acid (John Davis Chandler) are three enterprising dopers out to make that big score. Trouble is, they’ve got far more ambition than sense. They end up wasting their Cuban connection and it all spirals out of control from there, leading to mucho gunplay. The most memorable scene is the one where Acid shoots up during a shootout. What I can’t figure out is why he’s nicknamed Acid when he’s a heroin addict…but what’s life without a little mystery?




Gimme Danger Little Stranger



Cheri Caffaro of the Ginger trilogy is slinky hitwoman Samantha Fox (not to be confused with the 80’s pop singer or the 70’s pornstar) who’s offing mobsters in the Philippines in twistedly clever ways and looking fucking fabulous while doing it. Can the cop investigating the murders resist her diabolical charms? Can you? As you may remember, I wasn’t too impressed with the first Ginger flick, but the trilogy quickly grew on me, and so did Cheri. She just has this ineffable charisma. I’ve gotta say that this is my fave of her flicks that I’ve seen so far…



The Hounds Are On Your Trail



Black Mama White Mama copped part of its plot from The Defiant Ones (black and white prisoners who don’t like each other are shackled together) and a few moments from every women-in-prison flick ever made. A hooker (the always awesome Pam Grier) and a revolutionary (Margaret Markov, Run Angel Run) escape from a prison in the Philippines, pursued not only by the law but by Grier’s former pimp (Vic Diaz, The Big Doll House, who is great at playing characters that are sadistic and slimy yet still somehow likable) and hired guns led by self-styled cowboy Sid Haig (star of way too many classic grindhouse flicks to list here…the man is a true legend and always fascinating to watch…and you can tell that he’s having a blast doing it. ) There’s oodles of action and plenty of flesh, enough to satisfy any sickie’s expectations…



We Must Bleed



African Prince Mamuwalde (William Marshall), bitten by Dracula himself and cursed to an eternity thirsting for blood, is inadvertently released from centuries of slumber, free to roam the Earth once more. Eventually he meets Tina, who may be the reincarnation of his beloved wife Luva (both characters are portrayed by Vonetta McGee, the exquisite beauty from Repo Man and The Eiger Sanction). The Van Helsing-esque Gordon (blaxploitation mainstay Thalmus Rasulala) wants to put an end to the Prince’s reign of terror. Blacula has a reputation as a camp classic…and yes, there are some laughs, intentional and otherwise…but it also works as an old school gothic horror film. Mamuwalde is both fearsome and tragic, like all the best monsters. Marshall brings a Shakesphearean pathos, regal dignity and his own natural charisma to the role. It’s no accident that Blacula was a box-office smash…






In fact, Blacula was such a hit that AIP immediately offered up this sequel. Mamuwalde is resurrected by a vengeance-bent houngan (Voodoo priest) but of course, the Prince is nobody’s pawn. He seeks out a Voodoo priestess named Lisa (the enchanting Pam Grier, whose presence alone makes this film a must-see) in hopes that she can cure him of vampirism. In the meantime, much undead mayhem ensues…



Friday On My Mind



The incomparable Pam Grier leads an all-star cast as comic book heroine Friday Foster, a photojournalist with a knack for solving crimes. In this film, she uncovers a deep, insidious political conspiracy. The real crime is that Friday Foster is not as famous as Foxy Brown and Coffy. It has all the action, intrigue, wit and laughs that a blaxploitation fan could ask for…and Friday is a great character, showcasing Pam Grier’s intelligence, strength, comic timing and sexiness perfectly. Do yourself a solid and check it out…



Ten Little Swingers



Dig that tagline…but remember, one of the cardinal rules of exploitation is don’t believe the poster. The film’s not about a bunch of insatiable babes on the prowl. It’s about an “encounter group” that attends a retreat on a remote island…and much relationship drama ensues…until someone starts thinning the herd, one by one. There’s some pretty choice dialogue along the way…and Claudia Jennings is always a wonder to behold…



Have Love Will Travel



Hee Haw’s buzzbomb blonde Misty Rowe stars as Maggie, a pregnant runaway who hooks up with a group of hippie chicks who pose as hitchhikers in order to rob motorists led by a guy named Benson. They want to gather enough scratch to make it to L.A. That’s it as far as plot is concerned. The best part of the movie for me  is the music, which often comments on the action to hilarious effect. I don’t know where Ferd and Beverly Sebastian find the musicians, but their movies always have good original tunes…