The Sweetest Kittens Have The Sharpest Claws


Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Beautifully ruthless dancer Varla (Japanese/Cherokee valkyrie Tura Satana) and her go-going cohorts Rosie (Haji, the personification of the word exotic) and blonde buzzbomb Billie (Lori Williams) hit the desert for a bit of drag racing and whatever kicks come their way, even if it includes assault, kidnapping, robbery and murder in all-American auteur Russ Meyer’s magnum opus. Hot cars! Blazing females! Action! Action! Action! And a nonstop barrage of quotable, esoteric dialogue: (“Aw, you’re cute…like a velvet glove cast in iron.”…One more slider, flake, and it’s wipeout!…”You won’t find it down there, Columbus!”). This really is the ultimate drive-in flick…