The Torture Never Stops



Grindhouse auteur Jess Franco was so amazingly prolific that I’ll probably not be able to see all of his films during my lifetime, but I’m making a valiant effort to do so. Franco’s boundlessly kinky muse Lina Romay stars as Maria, the lead inmate in a prison which seems to have lifted its disciplinary tactics from Salo…And Barbed Wire Dolls heaps dollops upon dollops of sleaze that even the most jaded raincoater won’t be expecting. This flick is twisted as a hairpin and loopier than a crazy straw…




Jungle Hop


concretejungle1Busted for unsuspectingly carrying her boyfriend’s coke, new fish Elizabeth (Tracy Bregman, Happy Birthday To Me) winds up in a California slammer run by icily officious Warden Fletcher (Jill St. John) and her pet inmate Cat (Barbara Luna)…Pretty much a paint-by-numbers Women In Prison flick from veteran director Tom DeSimone (Reform School Girls, Chatterbox and lots of gay porn) but solidly entertaining…



So Freudian



Bram Stoker’s fever dream prose provides a perfect playground for Ken Russell’s patented brand of absurdist surrealism in Lair Of The White Worm, a tale of heroic lords (Hugh Grant) virtuous virgins (Catherine Oxenberg) and a slinky, serpent-worshiping seductress portrayed with venomous relish by Amanda Donohoe. Phallic symbols (and dick jokes) abound, as does Russell’s giddily blasphemous iconography. Rarely has pure, unadulterated evil been this much fun…