See How You Are?


George Maxwell (George E. Carey) a staid assistant D.A. in a stagnant marriage to a bitter, frigid wife, takes a fancy to their new babysitter Candy (Patricia Wymer) a free-spirited hippie chick. Their dalliance breathes new life into him, regardless of the threat it poses to his marriage and reputation. Meanwhile, he’s gearing up for a murder case involving a biker who’s obviously guilty…but the biker’s “old lady” spies on George, snaps pix of him romping with Candy and blackmails him to throw the case. Which will win out…his moral obligation to uphold the law? His fear of disgrace? His yen for teenage nookie? Patricia Wymer looks delectable in black and white, in that good-girl-who-wants-to-be-naughty kinda way. A band called “The Food” provides some garageness. This picture is a candid snapshot of the sexploitation era in its prime, when nudity was not only gratuitous but mandatory…



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