Just Wild About Harry



Unstable, alcoholic and very wealthy Nancy (statuesque Allison Hayes of The Hypnotic Eye) knows that her husband Harry (William Hudson) has been shacking up with Lady MacBeth-esque Honey…


(the scintillating Yvette Vickers of Attack Of The Giant Leeches and the pages of Playboy) but she just can’t seem to kick the prick to the curb. When she has a close encounter of the gigantic kind, everybody chalks it up to her boozing…until she begins to grow exponentially…and so does her rage. Hell hath no fury like a fifty foot woman scorned. This is a much-beloved slice of sci fi cheese…with plenty of cheesecake…and prefigured the feminist revenge flicks of the 70’s. And I know all you Amazon/giantess fetishists out there love this flick…




‘Cause It Runs In The Family



OK, so there’s no Vincent Price, no Patricia Owens, no fly in this one…but the third installment of the Fly franchise is every bit as twisted and weird as its predecessors. It begins with the image of a shattering window as asylum inmate Patricia (Carole Gray) leaps to freedom (in her skivvies) hitching a ride with Dr. Martin Delambre (George Baker), the latest descendant bent upon working the bugs out of the family’s teleporter. Pat and Martin immediately fall madly in love and get married. Then one day Pat discovers the family’s menagerie of mangled, misshapen former test subjects…which are guarded by their creepy, stone-faced maid Wan (Yvette Rees), a sort of Asian version of Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca. Of course, since Pat just escaped from a mental institution, nobody believes her. Will she become the next guinea pig? Check it out and see…



Cabaret Ape



First there was King Kong…Then came Son Of Kong…Now here’s the capper to the hirsute trilogy…Mighty Joe Young! American girl Jill (Terry Moore) living in Africa finds a baby gorilla and raises him as a pet and friend. All is copacetic until a nightclub owner discovers them and brings them to America to entertain the public. The big guy is out of his element…and you know it’s only a matter of time before Joe goes ape crazy. The stop-motion FX by Ray Harryhausen are amazing and beautiful and this film has so much heart. It’s not often that in a blog mostly devoted to sleaze that I recommend a film for the whole family…but this one is wonderful for kids and brings out the kid in every adult who sees it…



Would You Believe It When You’re Dead?




An asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. A crew of astronauts is sent to land on it and blow it to smithereens. The mission is successful…but a glob of the titular slime hitches a ride on one of the astronaut’s uniforms and is carried back to the space station…soon growing into a cycloptic alien with pincered tentacles and an electrified touch that kills on contact. Oh, and it bleeds green slime…which produces more aliens. Ain’t that a bitch? Meanwhile, the two lead astronauts (Richard Jaeckel and Robert Horton) fight for the affections of the station’s doctor (luscious Luciana Paluzzi). The Green Slime is rife with a kind of straight-faced absurdity that is very rare in today’s science fiction flicks…



Stare If You Dare



Local women have seemingly gone mad…Washing their faces with acid…Drinking lye…Setting their hair on fire. Why? The cops are baffled until Sergeant Dave (Lawrence Lipton) and his girlfriend Marcia (Merry Anders) attend a stage hypnotism show performed by the mesmerist Desmond (Jacques Bergerac) and his lovely assistant Justine (Allison Hayes, Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman) and one of Marcia’s friends becomes the latest victim. Marcia decides to investigate, since she seems to be able to resist hypnotism…but for how long? And just what are Desmond’s motives? Is he just a sadistic psychopath? Or is he himself under the spell of someone else? To find out, you must gaze into The Hypnotic Eye!



Scream With Me



Pathologist Warren Chapin (horror icon Vincent Price, star of way too many classic flicks to list here) is investigating the effects of fear on the human body. Eventually he discovers that we all have a parasitic, centipede-like creature living on our spines, which feeds on fear…and can actually kill us unless we scream. He extracts one from the corpse of a deaf-mute woman who was unable to scream…What if the tingler were to escape…or to fall into the wrong hands (such as Chapin’s diabolical wife)? Produced by William Castle, the P.T. Barnum of cinema, The Tingler is a masterpiece of showmanship and black humor that I’ve loved since I was a kid. I just wish I had grown up back when it first came out, so I could’ve experienced “Percepto”, Castle’s ultimate screen gimmick. Some theater seats were rigged with a vibrating device to give certain audience members a “tingle”. I really miss the golden age of exploitation. Advertising was so ingenious back then. All that hyperbolic ballyhoo was really exciting…



I Saw You Shine



A couple of hard-boiled yeggs (one played by Ed Wood regular Kenne Duncan) and their lushed-up moll kidnap a wealthy society dame and lam out in the cabin of a local geologist (Robert Clarke, The Hideous Sun Demon). Much snappy, biting dialogue ensues. Meanwhile, a blonde outer space babe (burlesque dancer Shirley Kilpatrick, rumored to be Shirley Stoler of The Honeymoon Killers) lands in the woods and slowly…very slowly…makes her way to the cabin. She’s a peaceful emissary but the kicker is she’s highly radioactive and anyone who gets too close to her drops dead. What a waste, cuz she’s truly hot stuff in her skintight spacesuit and high heels, with her Vampira eyebrows. By the way, director Ronnie Ashcroft was a friend of Ed Wood…and this flick is almost as guffawful as Wood’s films…