A White-Hot Night Of Hate


Just as L.A.’s Precinct 13 police station is closing down it’s besieged by the Street Thunder gang, who have sworn a literal blood oath to avenge a half dozen members killed by police. Which makes for one helluva first night for Lieutenant Ethan Bishop (Austin Stoker, Horror High) and his sparse remaining staff (including Nancy Loomis from Halloween). Three prison inmates in transit and a bereaved father also crash the party. Director John Carpenter takes his sweet time establishing the plot and characters…and they are great characters…especially Stoker, Laurie Zimmer as Leigh and Darwin Joston as “Napoleon”. After that, before you can say “Rio Bravo”, the bullets start flying like insults at a Friar’s Club roast. Carpenter’s movies are so quintessentially American, it boggles my mind that so many critics and moviegoers don’t get him and he’s one of those “They love him in Europe” auteurs. Oh well. Mainstream acceptance usually leads to mediocrity anyway. “Got a smoke?” 



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