Just Wild About Harry



Unstable, alcoholic and very wealthy Nancy (statuesque Allison Hayes of The Hypnotic Eye) knows that her husband Harry (William Hudson) has been shacking up with Lady MacBeth-esque Honey…


(the scintillating Yvette Vickers of Attack Of The Giant Leeches and the pages of Playboy) but she just can’t seem to kick the prick to the curb. When she has a close encounter of the gigantic kind, everybody chalks it up to her boozing…until she begins to grow exponentially…and so does her rage. Hell hath no fury like a fifty foot woman scorned. This is a much-beloved slice of sci fi cheese…with plenty of cheesecake…and prefigured the feminist revenge flicks of the 70’s. And I know all you Amazon/giantess fetishists out there love this flick…




Stare If You Dare



Local women have seemingly gone mad…Washing their faces with acid…Drinking lye…Setting their hair on fire. Why? The cops are baffled until Sergeant Dave (Lawrence Lipton) and his girlfriend Marcia (Merry Anders) attend a stage hypnotism show performed by the mesmerist Desmond (Jacques Bergerac) and his lovely assistant Justine (Allison Hayes, Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman) and one of Marcia’s friends becomes the latest victim. Marcia decides to investigate, since she seems to be able to resist hypnotism…but for how long? And just what are Desmond’s motives? Is he just a sadistic psychopath? Or is he himself under the spell of someone else? To find out, you must gaze into The Hypnotic Eye!