Cool It, Baby!



This may be the first of the “aliens cruise Earth for chicks” flicks. It’s arguably the best of the “nudie cuties” (films where goofy dudes ogle naked women). The alien Sterilox (Frank Coe doing a great Stan Laurel impression) is on a mission to find the perfect woman to bring back to his all-male planet, so he pays a visit to Dr. Breedlove (Gaiety Burlesque owner Max Gardens doing Dr. Strangelove with a Bela Lugosi accent) a mad scientist who turns women into gung ho sex kittens with his various machines and potions. All of Dr. Breedlove’s test subjects are gorgeous, curvy and look like they’re having a blast. Coe and Gardens’ performances are charming and hilarious. The cinematography (by legendary Laszlo Kovacs) is impeccable. The lab set and monster makeups are cool. The jokes, although dopey, are still funny. The surfy instrumental soundtrack kicks ass. Can you tell that I love this movie? Peter Perry’s films are all fun…but in my opinion, this is his masterpiece…




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