‘Cause It Runs In The Family



OK, so there’s no Vincent Price, no Patricia Owens, no fly in this one…but the third installment of the Fly franchise is every bit as twisted and weird as its predecessors. It begins with the image of a shattering window as asylum inmate Patricia (Carole Gray) leaps to freedom (in her skivvies) hitching a ride with Dr. Martin Delambre (George Baker), the latest descendant bent upon working the bugs out of the family’s teleporter. Pat and Martin immediately fall madly in love and get married. Then one day Pat discovers the family’s menagerie of mangled, misshapen former test subjects…which are guarded by their creepy, stone-faced maid Wan (Yvette Rees), a sort of Asian version of Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca. Of course, since Pat just escaped from a mental institution, nobody believes her. Will she become the next guinea pig? Check it out and see…




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