Scream With Me



Pathologist Warren Chapin (horror icon Vincent Price, star of way too many classic flicks to list here) is investigating the effects of fear on the human body. Eventually he discovers that we all have a parasitic, centipede-like creature living on our spines, which feeds on fear…and can actually kill us unless we scream. He extracts one from the corpse of a deaf-mute woman who was unable to scream…What if the tingler were to escape…or to fall into the wrong hands (such as Chapin’s diabolical wife)? Produced by William Castle, the P.T. Barnum of cinema, The Tingler is a masterpiece of showmanship and black humor that I’ve loved since I was a kid. I just wish I had grown up back when it first came out, so I could’ve experienced “Percepto”, Castle’s ultimate screen gimmick. Some theater seats were rigged with a vibrating device to give certain audience members a “tingle”. I really miss the golden age of exploitation. Advertising was so ingenious back then. All that hyperbolic ballyhoo was really exciting…




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