I Saw You Shine



A couple of hard-boiled yeggs (one played by Ed Wood regular Kenne Duncan) and their lushed-up moll kidnap a wealthy society dame and lam out in the cabin of a local geologist (Robert Clarke, The Hideous Sun Demon). Much snappy, biting dialogue ensues. Meanwhile, a blonde outer space babe (burlesque dancer Shirley Kilpatrick, rumored to be Shirley Stoler of The Honeymoon Killers) lands in the woods and slowly…very slowly…makes her way to the cabin. She’s a peaceful emissary but the kicker is she’s highly radioactive and anyone who gets too close to her drops dead. What a waste, cuz she’s truly hot stuff in her skintight spacesuit and high heels, with her Vampira eyebrows. By the way, director Ronnie Ashcroft was a friend of Ed Wood…and this flick is almost as guffawful as Wood’s films…




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