Who Wants To Live Forever?



Here it is, folks: The Citizen Kane of Star Wars ripoffs. Produced by Roger Corman and scripted by future indie film director extraordinaire John Sayles, Battle Beyond The Stars is the story of Shad (John Boy Walton himself, Richard Thomas) a peaceful farmboy who must assemble a crack team of intergalactic mercenaries to save his planet (Akir) from ruthless conqueror Sador (John Saxon). The team he eventually assembles consists of the laid back earthling Cowboy (George Peppard) angry reptile Cayman, gonzo Saint Exmin (the bodacious, badass Sybil Danning) Five clones named Nestor, and the haunted, hunted Gelt (the late Robert Vaughn).  Vaughn is basically reprising his role from The Magnificent Seven, which was a huge influence on not only this film but Star Wars as well. Being the most expensive film Corman ever produced, the special effects are alot better than usual and the film looks great. And it’s so much fun, with a witty script and plenty of outer space action. It’s one of my all-time favorite space operas…



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