Out Of Limits


Starcrash is the most outlandish of all the Star Wars ripoffs. And it’s Italian. Italian sci fi is always off-the-wall. Caroline Munro (Maniac, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter) is Stella Star, basically a distaff Han solo. Marjoe Gortner (Food Of The Gods) is the Luke Skywalker-like Akton, the man with the magic hands. Joe Spinell (Maniac, Taxi Driver, Cruising) is the Vaderesque Count Zartharn. Did I mention that there’s a cowboy robot? Don’t try to make too much sense of the script… Starcrash is what you’d get if you gave a 12 year old sci fi geek $350,000 and said “Make the most awesome sci fi movie ever.” Director Luigi Cozzi is a sci fi fiend himself, and the film is jam packed with homages to his favorites: Invaders From Mars, old Flash Gordon serials…there’s even some Harryhausen style stop-motion animation. Just sit back and revel in its gorgeous psychedelic colors and campy, comic booky dialogue. Starcrash is an absolute blast…



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