Mojo In The Dojo


Brought to you by the folks who made Enter The Dragon, Black Belt Jones introduces its hero (real-life Martial Arts master Jim Kelly) in one of the most outrageous, over-the-top, high-flying, ass-whooping, nut-pummeling fight sequences ever…and it only gets better from there. Jones must use his skills to protect Pop’s (Scatman Crothers…it’s a treat to actually see the voice of Hong Kong Phooey kick some ass) karate school from black gangster Pinky and the Mafia. (The mob always seem to be involved in blaxploitation flicks…perhaps as a symbol of the underhanded, ruthless tactics of the white establishment?) Not that he necessarily needs it, but he gets help from the glorious Gloria Hendry as Sydney, who is gorgeous, headstrong and is no slouch when it comes to Martial Arts herself. There are so many priceless, quotable lines in this movie and amazing fight sequences…especially the “lights out” scene…Black Belt Jones is just wall-to-wall fun…



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