She’s Dynamite


Diana “T.N.T.” Jackson (Jeanne Bell) goes to Hong Kong in search of her brother Stack…only to discover he’s been murdered by a local dope cartel of kung fu enthusiast lowlives. Luckily, she just happens to be a kung fu expert herself…between that and her feminine wiles, it’s fairly easy for her to infiltrate the evil cabal…which of course leads to oodles of  kung fu fighting and gratuitous nudity (no stretch for Bell, who was a Playboy playmate in October of ’69) some simultaneously, such as the scene where she battles a room full of thugs in nothing but a pair of black panties. Bell is a good actress, affecting a hard-bitten-yet-vulnerable persona…and she handles the kung fu choreography pretty convincingly as well. Oh and by the way…apparently the script was co-written by ubiquitous “that guy” for Roger Corman pictures, the great Dick Miller…



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