Tell Automatic Slim


Major Charles Rane (William Devine) has just come home after 7 years as a POW in ‘Nam…home to San Antonio Texas…home to his wife and kid…home to a king’s welcome from his hometown…And he’s about to lose it all…a king’s ransom…his family…and his hand…to a band of thieves. Luckily, Rane has a high tolerance for pain…and zero tolerance for bullshit. And it’s time for vengeance…Texas style. From the pen of Paul Schrader, Rolling Thunder is even more of a modernized Western than Taxi Driver, with his trademark psychologically complex characters. Devane, usually typecast in sleazebag roles, gets to play the stoic hero. Tommy Lee Jones is, naturally, great as his war buddy. The real casting surprise is James Best (Dukes Of Hazzard) as the lead villain Fat Ed…He’s got the affable/menacing quality of a Bond villain…and it’s quite a trip to hear “Roscoe P. Coltrane” say the word motherfucker. Twice. And all you Texas Chainsaw Massacre fiends out there might like to know that Tommy Lee Jones’ family members are played by Paul Partain (Franklyn from the original) and the chainsaw store guy from Part 2 who says “Oh, my achin’ banana!” Rolling Thunder is quality grindhouse cinema…



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