The Smoke Of Hell


Reefer Madness aka Doped Youth aka Tell Your Children is the most famous of all the ’30s roadshow dopesploitation films, due to its revival in the ’70s on college campuses and as a midnight movie in theaters, appreciated ironically as a melodramatic laugh-riot and example of antiquated square moral paranoia…And yeah it’s played straight and deadly serious while being completely ridiculous…characters take one puff of marijuana and become hopelessly addicted junkies and violent psychopaths…but if you know anything about roadshow films, you know that such films were only feigning moral outrage and pretending to be educational as a smokescreen that allowed them to show wild partying and debauchery, which is what those in the know really came to see back in the day. Don’t let the fact that the filmmakers were in on the joke keep you from enjoying it though, because it’s wonderfully absurd and funny as hell. Now stop that racket and bring me some reefers! 



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