Lost On The Midway


I’ve seen this one many, many times…Because it’s public domain, it shows up in just about every horror movie box set….And because this dirt-cheap little fright flick shot in Lawrence Kansas is worth seeing more than once. It’s about a church organist (Candace Hilligoss) who is the only passenger to emerge from a dragracing accident…


She dusts herself off and heads straight out of town for a new job. Along the way, she is pursued by a spectral figure (the director Herk Harvey himself) who leers silently at her, popping up at any moment…and only she can see him. Is he a ghost? Death himself? A demon? Satan? Your guess is as good as mine…what I do know is that this movie is effectively creepy…from its eerie carnivalesque organ score, strangely beautiful atmosphere and air of mystery, to its deliriously mad ending…this film is on a relentless mission to get under your skin and stay with you long after the credits roll…



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