Ghouls’ Night Out


They come from the bowels of Hell…A transformed race of  walking dead! Zombies guided by a master plan…for complete domination of the Earth! This is it, sickies…the granddaddy of all cult classic B-movies…almost universally regarded as the worst movie ever made…mostly by people who have never seen another B-movie. Trust me, there are much worse. Ever sat through Monster A Go-Go? Sure, it’s got dime store special FX, ludicrous dialogue, an incomprehensible plot (aliens reanimating a zombie army in order to stop the nuclear arms race and save us from ourselves…like a pulp mag version of The Day The Earth Stood Still) and acting that would make the cast of a grammar school play cringe…but it’s so perfectly wrong in every aspect that it’s howlingly funny. Plus it’s got Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi…for about two minutes. How can you not love lumbering hulk Tor Johnson (“I’m a big boy now, Johnny.”) and Gothic goddess Vampira zombying around a cardboard graveyard? Or Bunny Breckinridge as the snooty, effete leader of the alien invasion? Or Dudley Manlove valiantly over-enunciating his way through Wood’s dialogue as the speechifying Eros? Or Criswell’s disjointed narration? All of these elements coalesce into one of the most thoroughly enjoyable cinematic sojourns you’ll ever experience. Can you prove that it didn’t happen?



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