Sideburns Don’t Need Your Sympathy


You won’t find these cats swinging to wild jazz or reading subversive poetry…their bag is armed robbery! That is, until their fearless leader Eddie (Tony Travis) is heard crooning in a greasy spoon and becomes an overnight pop star. His crew doesn’t take kindly to being pushed aside in favor of his new legit career…especially not loose-as-a-goose-cannon Mooney (Peter Breck in a balls-to-the-wall gonzo performance second only to his breakdown in Shock Corridor). Can Eddie shake his past and become the next Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon…or will his cronies drag him back into the gutter? Sure, there’s no beatniks in it…alot of movies in the early 60’s tried to cash in on the counterculture by slapping the word “Beatnik” or “Beat” onto the titles of their movies…and even the ones who did have beatniks in them were written by middle aged squares who had only read about the beat generation in pulp novels and tabloids. But The Beatniks is a fun little J.D. flick…which just so happens to have been written and directed by prolific voice actor Paul Frees…you may not know his name but I guarantee you’ve heard his voice if you’ve ever watched Bullwinkle cartoons or an old dubbed Japanese movie… 



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