Mission: Implausible


Back in ’66, Mars has become a total sausage fest, so they send Dop (Tommy Kirk, basically reprising his role from Pajama Party) and his crew to pick up some chicks. When beautiful Earth women begin vanishing into thin air, NASA swings into cock-blocking action…but can they save the babes in time? Mars Needs Women is classically cheesy on every level, with its wetsuit-and-headphones spacesuits, the stilted pseudo-scientific dialogue and not-so-special Fx…but the real reason to watch this quickie from Larry Buchanan (who made alot schlocky sci fi flicks in the 60’s and 70’s) is the lovely Yvonne Craig as the sexy Earth scientist…


She’s so gorgeous, intelligent and charming that she livens the movie up when it threatens to become tedious. And really, the reason I’m writing this review is an excuse to pay tribute to Yvonne, who just passed away from cancer. She’s best remembered as Batgirl in the campy 60’s Batman series…and for a vast number of guys (and perhaps some girls as well) of my generation, she was our first pop-culture crush. ( Oh that skintight costume…and the graceful, slinky way she moved…thanks to her years as a dancer. ) She was also Marta the green Orion slavegirl on Star Trek…and quite a prolific pinup. She’s largely responsible for my lifelong love of smart, tough women…




  1. mlbradford · August 20, 2015

    Goodbye, Yvonne, RIP
    Fantastic Bat-Girl; great pic!

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