Tough As Nail


Switchblade Sisters is the ultimate JD/gang flick…Newcomer Maggie (Joanne Nail) just happens to be sitting at the wrong table when the ruthless Dagger Debs show up. She defends herself so impressively that the Debs leader Lace (Robbie Lee in a scene-stealing, scenery-chewing, exhilaratingly maniacal performance) asks her to join the gang. Patch (Monica Gayle), Lace’s right-hand girl, is immediately jealous of Maggie and Lace’s burgeoning friendship…so she decides to make like Iago and destroy Maggie…even if it means destroying Lace and anyone else who gets in her way. There are so many great, gonzo performances in this movie…Dominic (Asher Brauner) the brooding, brutish leader of the Silver Daggers. Hook (Don Stark) his lunkheaded second-in-command…Crabs (Chase Newhart) the sleazebag, drug-dealing leader of the Daggers’ rival gang, with his Pete rose haircut and Elton John wardrobe…Marlene Clark as a Panther-like black revolutionary…This movie is just filled with outrageous moments and quotable dialogue. Director Jack Hill’s greatest gift, though, is that through all of it, no matter how absurd the situations get…he makes you actually care about his characters. So join the Dagger Debs if you dare…



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