Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves


Let me introduce you to Bonnie’s Kids…


Meet Ellie. (Tiffany Bolling). She’s tough as nails and willing to do anything (or anyone) to get what she wants. 


Meet Myra. (Robin Mattson). She’s a teenage tease who only pleases herself.

They’ve both just escaped the clutches of their lecherous stepdaddy, and they’re looking for a sugar daddy…so they look up their rich uncle Ben (Scott Brady)… and Ellie hooks up with a handsome patsy named Larry (Steven Sandor) who just happens to have his hands on $400,000 of mob money. Can they make off with the scratch before these two wiseguys get wise?


Alex Rocco and Timothy Brown as Eddy and Digger…prototypes for Jules and Vincent?

At times it’s really hard to know who to root for in this flick, since every single character in it is a stone-cold sociopath with the morals of an alley cat in heat…but I guess the fun of it is just watching the whole spectacle of double and triple crosses unfold…Writer-director Arthur Marks (Bucktown, Detroit 9000) obviously knew this…and he reveled in every sleazy minute of it…

It’s kinda bittersweet watching this today, since Alex Rocco has just passed away. He was a great character actor who seemed to be in everything when I was growing up, on television and on the big screen, in prestige pix like The Godfather (“I’m Moe Greene! I made my bones while you were going out with cheerleaders!”) or drive-in classics like this and Russ Meyer’s Motorpsycho. He wasn’t a household name but he was always engaging, funny and charming…and I’m sure I’m not the only one who, whenever he popped up in a movie or on t.v., thought “Oh, hey…it’s that guy. This is gonna be good…”



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