Sorry Charlie


What’s the first rule of exploitation cinema? Don’t let the title fool ya. Return Of The Dragon is not a sequel to the phenomenally successful Enter The Dragon. It was made first, originally titled Way Of The Dragon…then re-titled and re-released when Enter was such a smash. Bruce Lee is Tang Lung, a chef who goes to Rome to help his restauranteur friend who’s being leaned on by mobsters.  Lee plays a little against type here, as a socially awkward country mouse visiting not only a big city but a foreign country, which provides some good comic relief…but when it comes time to chop some socky, Lee is all business. The film is most notable for its climactic battle where he faces off against his real-life protege Chuck Norris. It’s a pretty even match, and interesting to see a future action hero like Norris playing a thug. And he is relentless…at times the fight reminded me of the Black Knight in Monty Python And The Holy Grail… 

Bruce Lee-vs-Chuck Norris


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