Don’t Bring Me Down Bruce


The Chinese Connection aka Fist Of Fury just may be the ultimate, if-you-only-see-one-in-your-lifetime Kung Fu movie. The plot is bone simple: Bruce Lee is out to avenge the murder of his Kung Fu teacher, and no one will stand in his way. It’s pretty much wall-to-wall action and the fight scenes are impeccably choreographed, kinetic, inventive and sprinkled with humor…a combination that is deliciously satisfying. Lee is cool, centered, zen and completely unfuckwithable…His make-it-look-easy style of acting and fighting is something that all action stars aspire to…It’s easy to see why American kids in the 70’s (like me) went crazy for him, hanging his posters on their walls, trying to learn Kung Fu…or at least look like they knew Kung Fu…  



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