Eaffin’ ‘n’ Schemin’


Known as the Godfather Of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis cut a bloody swath through 60’s drive-in cinema…but he also made quite a few hicksploitation movies way down South (usually in Florida)…In This Stuff’ll Kill Ya, Lewis stock player Talky Blanc (who also played the gleefully homicidal mayor in 2000 Maniacs) is the Reverend Roscoe Boone, a sky grifter whose ministry is founded on the power of the holy spirit…100-proof spirits to be exact. If only the local revenuers viewed moonshine as a sacrament. That’s not Roscoe’s only trouble though…Somebody in his congregation is taking the scripture a bit too literally, and believes they have the right to cast the first stone…and the second…and the third…Will Reverend Boone be able to unmask the killer while he still has a congregation left? Will he still have a congregation if the revenuers shut down his still? Can I get an amen?


Then it’s Mr. King goes to Washington in Lewis’ Capraesque (with a healthy shot of A Face In The Crowd cynicism) tale The Year Of The Yahoo, in which an altruistic Country singer (Claude King) is suckered into running for the Senate by 3 sleazebags who see him as the perfect pawn to help them secure the corn pone vote. Will King sell out…or stick it to the Man?



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