Tales Of Extraordinary Madness


It’s Psychopathia Sexualis meets psychedelia! First off, Ted V. Mikels (Astro Zombies, Corpse Grinders, The Doll Squad) brings us Dr Sex and his strange tales straight from the shrink’s couch: A window dresser whose mannequins spring to life…but only when he’s alone with them and they’re naked…A houseful of topless ghosts who do housework for some guy who looks like Don Knotts…And a man who feels that he was really meant to be born…a poodle! As weird as it sounds, it’s a “nudie cutie”, so it’s all just an excuse for women to get nekkid and men to react like they’re in a Tex Avery cartoon… 

Then in Wanda The Sadistic Hypnotist, Sylvester awakes after a car accident to find he’s been rescued by two swingin’ chicks named Wanda and Greta (which by the way, are two of the most often used names in sexploitation) who administer their TLC with a side of B&D…Now, Sylvester’s a staunch Republican, so he can’t go for that, no can do…but before you can say “Stockholm Syndrome” he’s diggin’ it…and it’s time to break out the acid…which of course can only lead to one thing…a body painting orgy! It’s far more wacky than dirty…especially Wanda’s acting style…but it’s all just good clean trippy fun…

Wanda, the Sadistic Hypnotist (1969)_030


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