Everything’s Bigger In Texas


From deep in the heart of Texas comes this double dose of Dale Berry texploitation…In Hip, Hot And 21 lone star babe Diane is sold by her parents (two hillbillies straight out of Dogpatch) into an arranged marriage for $50. When that doesn’t pan out, Diane embarks on a seedy odyssey rife with dope dealers, junkies, hookers, mobsters…and girls who love girls. If all that sordid melodrama doesn’t git yer goat, perhaps this will float your boat: Luscious, lugubrious Lorna Maitland (Russ Meyer’s Lorna and Mudhoney) shows up to dance in a club, working her itsy bitsy teeny weeny striped bikini for all she’s worth…


Then in Hot Thrills And Warm Chills a trio of buxom, bouffanted bombshells led by ex gun moll Toni (Rita Alexander) hatch a harebrained scheme to steal a diamond tiara during Mardi Gras… but even the best-laid plans are apt to gang aft agley…Don’t miss Rita’s seductive, gravity-defying dance to some great Latin jazz at the beginning. Hopped up hair…stacked racks…Joan Crawford eyebrows…gargantuan acting…as the title of this article says, everything’s bigger in Texas…



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