Oh Wolfy


La Lupa Mannara aka Legend Of The Wolf Woman aka Werewolf Woman begins with stunningly beautiful, bombshell blonde Annik Borel (Weekend With The Babysitter, Prison Girls, Truck Turner) doing a naked voodoo dance in a ring of fire, then wolfing out, growing a thick pelt of wolf fur, claws, fangs…and a cute little furry wolf nose. Then the angry villagers show up with torches. Short movie, huh? Nope. Turns out the woman, Daniela, was just having a nightmare about her ancestor who, in grand horror tradition, just happens to look exactly like her. Soon she becomes convinced that she’s following in her ancestor’s foot…er, pawsteps…Or it could be all in her head, just like George Romero’s Martin…There’s alot of talk about childhood trauma, sexual repression, voyeurism, sublimated desires…in between the abbondanza of nudity, sex and violence, of course…


“Aw, ma…look at her cute widdle nose! Can we keep her?!”


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