Twist And Crawl


Opening with a flamenco-flavored flurry of guitar, a cacophony of discordant ivories that would make Philip Glass call a piano tuner…and crypto-poetic narration from Ed Wood stock player Lyle Talbot, Ron Ormond’s Mesa Of Lost Women lets us know right from the jump that we’re not in Kansas anymore…We’re in the Muerto Desert, where Uncle Fester *ahem* I mean Dr. Arana (Jackie Coogan) is performing bizarre insect hormone experiments which has created giant spiders, voluptuous and powerful spider-women such as his masterpiece Tarantella (Tandra Quinn…I defy anyone to try and not be mesmerized by her beauty and entranced by her spider-themed dance)…and some dwarves. As any entomologist (or B-movie fan) will tell you,  the male is often the smaller and weaker of the species…



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