School’s Out


Three teachers stop at a filling station to fix their ailing jalopy, only to find it deserted…except for lunatic juvenile delinquent Charlie (Arch Hall Jr., Wild Guitar, The Choppers, Eegah!) and his girl Judy (Marilyn Manning) who get their kicks bullying…and even killing…adults. (Obviously they’re based on Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate.) Will the harried educators be able to talk their way out of this sticky situation before the gun-and-knife-toting punks grow weary of cat-and-mouse? Looking like a rockabilly Michael J. Pollard on  a lost weekend, using a weird, Bullwinkle-meets-Gabby Hayes kind of voice, Arch is cartoonishly goofy and seriously creepy, often simultaneously…in the most gonzo performance of his unique career….but he doesn’t sing in this one…



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