I’m A Don’t Care Bear…or…Hell Hath No Furry


Let’s start ticking off the ol’ 80’s slasher flick checklist shall we? Social outcast turned deranged killer? Check. Thanks to a cruel prank gone horribly awry? Check. Horny, obnoxious cast? Check. Whose dialogue is way too clever to be spoken by dumb jocks? Check. Portrayed by actors that look way too old for their roles even if you squint or rub your eyes ’til they water? Check. Creepy phone calls? Check. Cheesy Hitchcock-ripoff twist? Check and double check. So what does this flick bring to the party that no one else did? A killer in a bear suit with claws made from steak knives. He’s also rather talkative, at a time when most slashers were strong, silent stuntmen. And then there’s the soundtrack full of Kasenetz-Katz bubblegum tunes. And Do You Believe In Magic and Summer In The City by the Lovin’ Spoonful. Which they must’ve gotten cheap ’cause they’re heard alot…but I don’t hold that against ’em…How can ya not love a horror flick with a killer this adorable?



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