And Guess Who’s Dying


Here’s a classic from the days when exploitation flicks ruled the rental shelves. Kay Lenz plays a cop going undercover at a strip joint (run by of all people Norman Fell) to catch a killer who’s set their sights on its dancers. The plot is ancient chappeau now but this was the film that started the subgenre of stripper thrillers (unless you count H.G. Lewis’ Gore Gore Girls a decade and a half earlier…but that one didn’t inspire many imitations) Its twist ending is cliche as hell, straight out of slasher movie 101…but Lenz is great as the hardboiled cop who grows to enjoy stripping…ditto Greg Evigan as her partner the token smartass stubbly mullethead. I know what you’re all really concerned about though…How good are the stripteases? Well, some are a bit on the tepid side but others go for broke…especially the pneumatic, exuberant Dazzle (Debbie Nassar)…


Oh and the movie’s director is also a beautiful woman…former B-movie actress Kat Shea. Remember though…you must not come within five feet of the dancers…



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