This Could Be Anywhere


In Tenement aka Game Of Survival the the tenants of a rat-infested South Bronx slum must fight for their lives when a ruthless street gang (including Paul Calderon, Karen Russell and Dan “Cigarface” Snow) takes over the building in a reign of terror that stops at literally nothing…intimidation… beatings…rape and murder…


Now, you dedicated sickies know that I’ve reviewed many a Roberta Findlay movie and usually you know what to expect:  bizarre plots, viciously snarky dialogue, virtually unheard of sexual perversion and ingeniously wicked methods of murder…But this one managed to surprise me. First off, it’s an action movie, rather than her tradmark horror films and roughies…It’s pretty finely crafted considering the budget restraints…and for once she shows sympathy toward the gang’s innocent victims.You’d think her cynical, Grand Guignol sensibilities would clash with the All-American, moralistic style of action movies but her brutal ingenuity just takes Tenement to a whole new level of intensity… 



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