T.V. Party Monster(s)


The theme of this double creature-feature is “Too much t.v. is bad for ya.” Just like your parents always said. It’ll ruin your eyes, rot your brains…and spew forth ravenous monsters. First off, the monster in Terrorvision is a slimy, goofy creature from outer space that ends up zapped into the t.v. set of a garishly stereotypical L.A. family: horny, aerobicized mom Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000, Eating Raoul), skeevy swinger dad Gerrit Graham (Phantom Of The Paradise, Chopping Mall), survivalist wacko grandpa Ian Patrick Williams, impressionable son Chad Allen, candy-colored new wave Valley girl Diane Franklin (the cool, spunky French exchange student in Better Off Dead)…and her braindead metalhead boyfriend O.D. played by Jon Gries ( Real Genius, Fright Night 2). All of whom are either terrified of or fascinated by the alien…who sees them as an all-you-can-eat-buffet. Good stuff, Maynard…



Next up is The Video Dead where a brother and sister moving into a new house find an old black and white t.v. that is cursed…or a gateway to hell… or another dimension…or something. Zombies from an old movie climb out of it and wreak havoc in the suburbs. They’re not gutmunchers though. They kill the living because they’re jealous of them. The rules are very nonsensical and feel made up as they go along…which is fine since it’s just a tongue-in-cheek zombie romp…


Brian Setzer must’ve gotten ahold of some bad Brylcreem 


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