Run To The Hills


Remember the Billy Jack movies where a half-Indian peacenik fights bigotry and corruption with barefoot karate? Well Johnny Firecloud is the gritty, bloody, balls-out grindhouse version. Johnny Firecloud (Victor Mohica from sleaze classic Don’t Answer The Phone and a helluva lot of t.v. in the 70’s and 80’s) returns from a tour of duty in ‘Nam to see his girl (Christina Hart) only to find her rich, powerful, racist scumbag daddy Colby (Ralph Meeker) and his peckerwood cronies (including George “Buck” Flower) tormenting his family, especially his grandfather White Eagle (Frank DeKova, F -Troop) a once-proud chief who’s now a broken down alcoholic, while the sheriff (David Canary) looks the other way. Tensions escalate quickly until Johnny, named “Firecloud” after the desert nuclear test that happened at the moment of his birth, embarks on a “one-man Indian Massacre” to whup some cracker ass, blow shit up real good and visit his opressors with appropriately ingenious and brutal punishment…which is only natural since Johnny Firecloud was produced by David F. Friedman, the man who brought us Blood Feast, 2000 Maniacs and Color Me Blood Red…



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