So It Goes


Bummer! Is one of the very few exploitation pictures that fully lives up to its title and puts us in the van with a rock band called The Group (not to be confused with The Groop) and the groupies who love them. Sounds like a blast and a half, right? Well it’s one of the few movies (along with Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls and Blast-Off Girls) that doesn’t make you want to rush out to the nearest pawnshop and buy a guitar…as  behemoth bassist “Butts” with his impotent rage and misogyny drags the band to ruin…Bummer! was produced by David F. Friedman, the Mighty Monarch of exploitation. The ones he personally wrote and/or directed were alot more fun and funnier than the ones he only produced. This one was written by Alvin L. Fast (Eaten Alive, Black Shampoo, Satan’s Cheerleaders) And it’s not to say the movie doesn’t have its charms. Carol Speed (Abby, The Mack, The Big Bird Cage) is great as always…there’s a climactic fistfight that reminded me of the Nic Cage vs Lee J. Cobb bout in Raising Arizona…And if you keep your beady little eyes peeled, you’ll spot Dave Friedman and sleazemeister Bob Cresse as cops…



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