Grimmly Fiendish


Not to be confused with George Romero’s anthology series, this Deadtime Stories is an 80’s horror comedy. Its 3 stories are linked together by a man reading fairytales (ala The Princess Bride) to an obnoxious kid…The first tale about two bickering old witches, is alright and sticks pretty close to the fairytale formula…but the other two are more imaginative…The second tale is a modern Little Red Riding Hood in which a buxom teenage girl in a red jogging suit goes to the drugstore to pick up her grandma’s meds and the pharmacist gets her order mixed up with that of a werewolf who uses sleeping pills to knock himself out during the full moon…The final tale is the sickest and also the most goofy: “Goldi Lox And The Three Baers” where Goldi is a Carrie-esque telekinetic and the Baers are not ursine critters but a family of serial killers (who still act like the Looney Toons cartoon version with the tiny asshole Papa bear and the big galoot Baby bear). As you’ve probably already figured out, this is not a kid’s flick (although the original uncut Grimm tales are even more fucked up) it’s straight up exploitation loaded with gore, gratuitous nudity, sex and fairly clever jokes…



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