They’re Coming To Get You


So, are you tired of the zombpocalypse’s zombnopoly on pop culture? No? Well then, check out Umberto Lenzi’s Nightmare City aka City Of The Walking Dead. It adheres to a couple of the Romero rules: Get ’em in the head. Get bit, you’re zombified…but Lenzi said screw the rest of the rules. His zombies are fast, agile, smart…and carry weapons. Like machetes.They don’t spend much time feeding on their victims…sometimes it looks like they just enjoy killing, ala The Crazies. The zombie makeup is pretty different as well. They look kinda like the Toxic Avenger…or burgers that slipped through the bars of a grill. It doesn’t have the great characters or humor (well, intentional humor anyway) of Romero’s zombie flicks but it’s got plenty of gore and mayhem…


Military intervention has failed, so Mel Ferrer decides to kill ’em with karaoke. Zombies hate “Margaritaville”


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