Master Of Kong Fu


Mighty Peking Man aka Goliathon is a riff on King Kong by the masters of martial arts cinema, the Shaw Brothers…Sadly, there’s no Kung Fu in it. Not even a little Drunken Monkey…but there’s plenty of mayhem and even a little blood…It’s rated PG-13 today, for those reasons…and for the very sexy Sheena-like blonde jungle girl Samantha (Evelyne Kraft)…


‘Cause, y’know, it’s just not a true Kong flick without a beautiful blonde in constant danger…of losing her top. Asian cinema has always had a love affair with Kong…Toho made King Kong Escapes and King Kong Vs Godzilla…and he was the inspiration for Godzilla…and the entire Kaiju genre…


Peking Man is mighty proud of his Tonka collection


One comment

  1. Cliff Anderson · January 2, 2016

    If you’re interested in a little more on the lovely Ms. Kraft:

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