Space Junk


In Star Odyssey (aka Metallica) a reptilian alien slaver with a crew of android Brian Jones clones in Jiffy Pop suits intends to enslave the Earth. (He won us in an intergalactic auction.) So the Earth quickly assembles a ragtag team of freedom fighters: bland, generic hero Shawn, roguish gambler Dirk, “Hollywood” (who sports an Errol Flynn ‘stache made of greasepaint), robotics expert Norman (who also boxes ‘bots in his spare time), Tilt and Tilly, a pair of lovey-dovey robots whose sole purpose is to be cloyingly cute…and requisite space babe Bridget (Nazi bombshell Malisa Longo from Fraulein Devil and Salon Kitty). Expect wall-to-wall pseudo-science mumbo jumbo, lightsaber action, tiny model spaceships, gratuitous telepathy, and aliens that make the regulars at Mos Eisley look like supermodels. This is possibly the cheapest of the Italian Star Wars ripoffs…it’s definitely one of the goofiest…




  1. mlbradford · March 2, 2015

    That’s an amazing poster!
    Do u know th year it was released?

    • jayghastly · March 2, 2015

      I think it was 1978, making it probably one of the earliest Star Wars ripoffs. Another Italian one, Starcrash, is the most off-the-wall funny and enjoyable ripoff…but in my opinion the best one of all is the New World movie Battle Beyond The Stars.

      • mlbradford · March 2, 2015

        Yeah, I’m thinking either ’78 or 79. Starcrash has Caroline Munro in th black bikini, but find it impossible to watch. BBTS had a fantastic score by James Horner… and Sybil Danning. Damn it! Why do all th crap ones have th best girls?!

      • jayghastly · March 2, 2015

        Because they know the girls are a draw and that we’ll sit through anything to see them. I’ve sat through some horrible wastes of celluloid for that reason…but that’s probably one of the things that’s built up my tolerance and love for schlocky films.

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