Live And Let Fry


Chuck Toedan (John McCafferty) is the smarmy, amoral host of Live Or Die, a t.v. quiz show where deathrow inmates have a shot at freedom…or being executed right then and there. It’s a good satirical premise and there are some effectively black-humored moments in it…but most of the jokes are stump-dumb…It was, after all, made by Mark Pirro, the guy who did A Polish Vampire In Burbank and Curse Of The Queerwolf. The one treat for me is the very brief cameo by the lovely, very funny Esther Elise ( Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers,Vampire At Midnight) as a very enthusiastic groupie. She should’ve been in way more movies. Anyway, I recommend downing a sixer as you watch this, it’ll ease the pain…



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