Hagen The Road


After a narc is murdered, his girlfriend Linda (Dee Duffy) and his brother Monte (Ross “Daktari” Hagen) pursue dope kingpin Mr. Adrian (the director himself, Robert F. Slatzer) by joining the biker gang that makes border runs for him. The Hellcats (aka Biker Babes) was marketed as “the first all-girl biker movie”. It’s not. There are some tough mamas in it alright, but they never take center stage. Their male counterparts hog the lion’s share of screen time. If you want to see a girl gang kick ass, see She-Devils On Wheels…or better yet, Girl Boss Guerrila…but this flick still has all the head-scratching slang, rockin’ tunes, wild partying, ballin’ and brawlin’ that you expect from a biker movie…



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