Concrete And Clay


Burnt-out stock car racer Rod Tillman (pop singer Steve Alaimo) becomes a wheel man for a vicious biker gang…See, these cats aren’t into dope…their bag is armed robbery. (One of em by the way, the guy who plays Fats, is Jeff Gillen, Bob Clark’s buddy who appeared in She Man, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things and Black Christmas…and co-directed Deranged with Alan Ormsby) Why would bikers need a wheel man…Why would they pile into a car when they’ve got bikes? Beats me. Of course they don’t know that Tillman is working undercover…Can’t have a biker movie without the “good guy” to betray them. Steve Alaimo’s acting is pretty good…cool and tough and subtle compared to the psycho bikers. He also sings…and so does a garage band called the Birdwatchers. I recommend looking for their records and his. Alaimo’s are good 60’s style pop/ R&B. The director, William Grefe, also made Sting Of Death, Death Curse Of Tartu, Impulse, Stanley and The Hooked Generation…This one’s becoming one of my favorites of his movies that I’ve seen so far…



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