Walking After Midnight


Two Orphan Vampires by Jean Rollin, godfather of the lesbian vampire movie, is the tale of two sisters in a Catholic orphanage who happen to be vampires. They can walk in the sunlight but they’re blind, while at night they have perfect vision. Apparently they never sleep. It’s a little lighter on the blood and alot lighter on the eroticism than average for a Rollin film and could almost be a children’s story…Actually, any given Grimm tale is far more fucked up than this movie…It’s more like Heavenly Creatures (the girls create a shared fantasy life for themselves, folie a deux style) so it has a certain quirky charm and Rollin’s surreal touches (such as the vampire woman with bat wings dressed like a refugee from Studio 54). It’s way too talky, pretentiously poetic and meandering, like Godard in the depths of his most self-indulgent commie propaganda phase…but I give Rollin props for the fact that they’re not angst-ridden bloodsuckers, like most post-Lestat vamps seem to be…they love being undead…



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