Brother’s Gonna Work It Out


Goldie (Max Julien, Psych-Out) is a car thief who just finished 5 years in the slammer…now, in most movies he would be attempting to go straight, make one last score, or get revenge on someone who framed him…but instead Goldie is reinventing himself as a pimp extraordinaire. Not just for the money, prestige and women though…he wants to buy his mama (Juanita Moore) a nice house. To do so, he’s going to have to keep his game razor sharp…and do things he only dreamed of when he was a two-bit car thief. He’ll have to contend with rival pimps like Pretty Tony (Dick Anthony Williams), dirty cops and his own Panther-like militant brother Olinga (Roger E. Mosley).  Luckily he’s got his sidekick Slim (Richard Pryor) to back him up. Beyond the flamboyant clothes, wocka-chicka music and deliciously smartass dialogue, The Mack is such an intelligent movie, in the way it deals not only with the life of a criminal on the mean streets and the struggle of a ghetto youth chasing the American dream…but really delving into what makes these people tick, what they think and believe and why they go to such extremes to get over…



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