With A Capital T


Meet the original Mr. T. (Robert Hooks) a smooth, uncompromising private eye with a stoic, no bullshit Lee Marvin-like demeanor. He’s hired by Chalky (Paul Winfield) and Pete (Ralph Waite, The Waltons. It’s fun to see him play an evil bastard for once.) to find out who’s been ripping off their gambling dens. Soon he finds himself caught in the middle of a gang war and framed for murder. There’s alot of t.v. talent involved in this flick…Besides Winfield and Waite, there’s William Smithers (Dallas) as the cop out to collar Mr. T, Gordon Jump (WKRP In Cincinnati) as a slumlord…and it was directed by Ivan Dixon, “Kinch” from Hogan’s Heroes. It’s a pretty underrated movie and has ended up on a few “worst” blaxploitation lists. I don’t see why…To me it’s a rock solid crime flick…and just dig that Marvin Gaye theme song…



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